Blind Ditch

D-Tour: thoughts looking sidewards


A single channel video work developed from creative writings and audio recordings contributed by passengers crossing Exeter on the D bus.

A Public Realm, Crowd Sourced, Creative Writing and Video project.

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Inside the D bus at night a girl wears orange gloves

Really enjoyed how you take something so simple, something not many people think about… and enlarge it to encompass a whole range of different themes… community… ethnicities, city idiosyncrasies, cognitive cues…

Audience member

The D bus route runs through Exeter from the eastern suburbs of the Sowton industrial estate, through the city centre to the University of Exeter’s Streatham Campus. Over the course of a week, we invited travellers on the bus to take part in 6 creative writing activities. We then invited other D bus passengers to choose some of these writings to read out and record. These recordings mixed with interviews with bus drivers from the route, form the structure and soundtrack for this 12 minute single channel video. All contributions are anonymous.

Bus thoughts are almost like pillow talks… day dreaming…

Audience member

Commissioned by Arts and Culture at University of Exeter and supported by Stagecoach. Screened on the D bus as part of the Community Day Celebration on the Streatham Campus 17th March 2018, and for the launch event of Arts and Culture at Rougemont Castle, October 2018.

With many thanks to the D bus drivers and passengers who contributed to this work.

It was a lot of fun. It made the journey go so much faster.

D bus writer

Concept & production by Paula Crutchlow & Volkhardt Müller. Support with public interactions, recordings & screening design from University of Exeter student volunteers Tashy Hughes, Fiona Ibbetson & Henry Ormrod. Signage Design by Absolute Catastrophe.