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For the future of our country we compete against the consumer wash of the High Street and the empty silence of the commuter belt. Places where neighbourhood can’t happen on the street. Places that keep our heads down and tunnel our vision. Their uncomfortable street furniture and corporate policing resists our need to think and be together.

A Public Realm project.

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Images by Tim Dollimore and Blind Ditch.

Reclaiming public space through ping pong!

People want their town and city centres to be more than arenas for carbon copy chain stores, CCTV and corporate marketeers. The Global Player idea suggests a different kind of trade in the form of play, sport, debate and good conversation.

Dr Simon Persighetti, Wrights & Sites

We towed a custom built table tennis table (made from recycled bike parts) around the streets and public spaces of five British cities. Members of the public were invited to stand their ground against the Global Players – reclaiming public space through ping pong, and creating an exciting community event together. Winning was taken very seriously with game stats and edited video highlights uploaded online daily.

Whilst the intention was for further national tours leading up to the 2012 Olympics… we never made it. Perhaps we were usurped by a better funded set of tables launched nationally in 2012. But we still have the table and the glory! Please get in touch if you fancy a game…

The uniforms we are wearing…I realise this kind of disguise has its advantages. To the casual officer (policemen, security guards) we appear to be working for a company, which of course is reassuring to many. “Oh, it’s not a bunch of arrogant protesters or artists causing trouble; they are just people hired by a company to promote something…

Global Player Augusto Corrieri

Concept by Volkhardt Müller in collaboration with associate artists Tim Dollimore and Augusto Corrieri, and producer/costume designer Paula Crutchlow. Sound by John Levack Drever. Global Player guest in Cardiff Owen Griffiths.
Table designed and built by John Packer.
Web concept  by Daniel Harris and Volkhardt Muller, designed and built by The Media Workshop.

Made in partnership with: Creative Torbay, Exeter Phoenix Arts and Media, The Basement – Brighton, Chapter – Cardiff and Plymouth City Council.

  • 24th July 2008 Global player takes on Space Invaders – Creative Torbay Public Art exhibition, Torquay Town Centre
  • 1+2nd August 2008 Global Player takes on Exeter City Centre
  • 5th August 2008 Global Player takes on Brighton City Centre
  • 6th August 2008 Global Player takes on the National Eisteddfodd, Cardiff
  • 7th August 2008 Global Player takes on Exeter City Centre… again
  • 8th August 2008 BBC Big Screen Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony, Plymouth City Centre