Blind Ditch

The Travelling Guest Book


An interactive book work with accompanying audio CD on the nature of life with tourism in the South Hams.

A Interview based and Audio work project.

South Hams, Devon
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Norman & William, Modbury

…things are changing, but hopefully not too much.

Norman & William, Chairman & President of the Modbury Club

In late summer 2002 Blind Ditch interviewed passers-by – locals and tourists – at villages and attractions across the South Hams district of Devon, about their thoughts on the region. Each interviewee’s story was edited into a sound work on CD to accompany a series of colour stills of the moment of conversation. The images were combined with maps of the area and hand bound into a ‘guest book’.

As long as the trains keep going it’ll be alright…

Norman, Station Master


What would make this place better? My house in it. What would spoil it? My house in it.

Anne Hitchinson, visiting Dartmouth

Readers were invited to leaf through the book whilst listening to the soundtrack; writing their own comments and thoughts onto the waiting pages. The work is both a record of a moment in time, and a collection of opinions on the nature of tourism, landscape and local politics.
The interviews formed the research and part of the soundtrack of our performance work Wishes For a Better Future.

What a wonderful experience, thumbing through a beautiful book, listening to some interesting people.

Ishbel Ramsey, South Hams District Council

Devised, facilitated and designed by Paula Crutchlow, Cat Radford, Volkhardt Müller and Henning Hegland. Sound design by John Levack Drever.

Funded by South Hams District Council.